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Store Policy

Customer Care

Thank you for your interest in natural remedies.  My company is founded in love and true admiration for those of you that seek to benefit from the healing properties of herbs. These OG medicinal remedies have been used throughout time.   We have lost sight of the goodness and balance that is true to our nature and that of the other creatures and living things cohabitating on mother's green goddess Earth. I ask that you question, learn and grow in health.  You are your own best advocate.

My passion for health and wholistic "whole body" healing through the use of herbal remedies is my passion.  You can contact me with any queries on a particular remedy, herb, tincture and/or how a custom blend can be created especially for you. Just send an email to and I will put my herbalist intuition, and little fairy dust, to work for you, best I can!

Privacy & Safety

I'd like to inform my customers that we only use your information to ship products and contact you only when needed.  All information is securely stored either remotely, in a locked filing cabinet (which I prefer) or digitally on an external hard-drive, in order to protect your personal information.

We use Square and Pay Pal which are third-party banking services to verify payment. We only collect data you provide to us and retain contact information to contact users after their purchase has completed successfully.

Our user's privacy is of the highest importance to our business!

Wholesale Inquiries

We are welcome to wholesale accounts and can add handmade, organic and natural old school, ancient wisdom teas, tinctures and salves to any natural foods section.  Our products compliment the healthful living and natural healing sought by the public today. This is not a trend rather a movement trekking back to tried and true plants and herbs that heal the body.

My herbalist intuition can formulate new brews to keep the product line evolving adding depth to the product lines while increasing brank individuality. We customize our products for our clients and customers.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

Payment Methods
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