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Nature's Medicine

My herbal roots "grow" back 1995 when our pediatrician insisted that my 8-month-old child have a procedure to insert tubes into her ears.  This was supposed to alleviate her ear infection.  Boy, was I naïve? A young mother looking for the best for her children and with full respect of the doctor clad in his whitecoat. 

The day of the procedure was my turning point, back to ancient medicinal knowledge. The doctor came into the waiting room, explained the procedure and attempted to take my baby from my arms.  I asked, "what are you doing?" He replied that he was taking her to the operating room where she would be anesthetized for the surgery. I was to wait in the waiting room, until they were done.  To my surprise I asked, "anesthetized?". He said. "Well, yes your daughter is going under to have surgery". I was dumbfounded

not realizing I had agreed to putting my daughter under for an ear infection!  No way was I going to let the doctor proceed.  I held my daughter closer to my chest as I respectfully declined to release her to the care of the nurse. I gripped her close turned my back to the nurse and walked out of that office so fast!  

My eyes opened to the holistic world around me and to the wonders of herbs whose attributes heal.  We used echinacea with golden root, orally, and garlic oil dropped into the ear then massaged down the ear channel. She drank fresh citrus juice, lemons and orange, for especially Vitamin C. We boiled water with eucalyptus which wafted through the house and opened up airway passages. Within a month she was clear of all bacterial ear infection. Ancient wisdom, healthful herbs and the right foods proved powerful. 

There are more stories too, as you will read in my blog, of lives touched and dis-ease brought back to ease with the use of natural remedies.  We hope your share yours too!

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